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I piss on my wife's feet

Pissing on my wife’s feet

A little uro fetish video session in passing. After a good afternoon of fucking through all her holes (my slut was wearing black knee-highs, a toe ring and her gold hottie shoes) , I put my wife in...

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My dirty wife pisses in her flesh pantyhose

My wife pisses in her flesh pantyhose

I brought my little slut to a 4-star hotel for the weekend. She knows what it means, she knows that she has to be a whore to pay back her weekend. After a good walk on the beach, she told me that she...

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My wife buying luxyry shoes

A MILF with heeled luxury shoes

I had decided a long time ago to offer her a pair of ultra sexy luxury shoes. So we went to a Parisian department store to do our shopping. After hesitating between two pairs, both as pretty as each...

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