Some definitions

Footjob is a sexual practice with the feet, sometimes abbreviated to the initials FJ. It is considered part of foot fetishism. Related activities include toejob, focusing on the toes, sandaljob whilst wearing sandals and solejobs, using only the soles of the feet. The partner of the male receiving a footjob places their feet (barefoot, or in high heels, boots, sandals, socks or pantyhose) on his penis and strokes it. This can be performed as an act of foreplay or until the male orgasms. There are also other variations of a footjob, which involve stimulation of women, with the woman’s partner caressing her breasts with his or her feet, and caressing her vaginal area with the toes.

Foot Worship is the practice of play involving a fetish for feet. Commonly used for domination and humiliation practices (i.e., licking and/or cleaning of the Dominant’s feet).

Foot Fucking is the same thing that a Fist Fucking, but with the foot.