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My wife buying luxyry shoes

A MILF with heeled luxury shoes

I had decided a long time ago to offer her a pair of ultra sexy luxury shoes. So we went to a Parisian department store to do our shopping. After hesitating between two pairs, both as pretty as each...

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I polish my wife's nails

I polish my wife’s nails

Because of the COVID 19, my wife is confined and is deprived of the girl who takes care of her manicure and pedicure for a few more days. So I offered to paint her toenails in an erotic and exciting...

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My wife with a toe ring

Hot MILF with a toe ring

Beginning of the reconfinement, we were each in our own flat and it was impossible to see each other tonight. I asked my wife to put on the toe ring I gave her and to take a series of photos. She...

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